Expertise in providing innovative and sustainable Mechanical & Electrical Engineering solutions.

Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy Services

EWC revolutionizes the landscape of Mechanical and Electrical Consultancy Services, epitomizing innovation at its core.

Our MEP Services Design harnesses the latest technologies, seamlessly integrating Air-Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation, Electrical, Plumbing, Extra Low Voltage, Sanitary, Lift, Escalators and Fire Protection systems. From visionary data centers to pristine clean rooms and cutting-edge biosafety laboratories and chemical laboratories, our solutions redefine industry standards. Immerse yourself in our world of innovation, featuring advanced ventilation systems, deionized water generation plants, smart and intelligent applications. With meticulous project management, we ensure flawless execution from start to finish. Explore the limitless possibilities of mechanical and electrical consultancy with EWC, where empowerment fuels breakthrough solutions.

BIM & Combined Services Drawing

Revolutionizing MEP Services Coordination with BIM

EWC takes MEP services coordination to new heights by leveraging cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. Our expertise extends to seamlessly orchestrating complex building services for facilities with dense MEP requirements, such as data centers and airports. Through meticulous services coordination prior to on-site installation, we optimize resource utilization, saving valuable time and costs.

Our impressive track record includes renowned projects like Changi Airport Terminal 4 and Keppel’s T-20 Data Centre, highlighting our mastery in building services coordination. With a deep understanding of BIM and advanced coordination techniques, we seamlessly integrate diverse MEP systems.

Our innovative approach, driven by BIM excellence, sets new industry standards, delivering unmatched efficiency and excellence. Embrace the future of MEP coordination, where EWC’s expertise empowers you to achieve remarkable results with precision and effectiveness.

ESD & Green Mark Consultancy

EWC leads the charge in advancing sustainability through our transformative Green Mark Consultancy services. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to assist clients in achieving Green Mark Certification for both new and existing buildings, in alignment with the latest BCA Green Mark Criteria (GM2021).

With a comprehensive approach encompassing Recertification, Life Cycle Costing, and Design for Energy Efficiency Systems, we ensure a seamless and environmentally responsible design journey. Acting as trusted advisors, we navigate the intricacies of Legislative Requirements, representing building owners in their pursuit of Green Mark Certification and Submission. Powered by our team of esteemed SGBC Green Mark Advanced Accredited Professionals, we have successfully guided numerous building owners to prestigious Green Mark Awards, including the esteemed Green Mark Platinum Award. Join us in redefining sustainability, as we push boundaries and shape a greener future through innovative and responsible design practices.

Design for Safety Professional

At EWC, we believe that safety is paramount, and our DFSPs embody this ethos by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches. Trust in our team to revolutionize safety practices, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the execution of your project. With EWC’s DFSPs leading the way, safety and excellence go hand in hand, elevating your project to new heights of success.

EWC proudly introduces its exceptional team of Design for Safety Professionals (DFSPs) who are at the forefront of ensuring safety in projects exceeding a contract value of $10 million. Our DFSPs play a pivotal role in convening DFS review meetings and meticulously maintaining the DFS registers, ensuring compliance with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) requirements. With their unwavering commitment to safety and expertise in navigating regulatory protocols, our DFSPs set a new standard of excellence in project execution.

Inspection Services


EWC’s team also comprises Licensed Electrical Engineer (Grade 9) to provide inspections & licensing services pertaining to electrical installations up to 22KV. Some of the services EWC provide includes EMA license application & renewal, LV & HV switchboard testing, power logging, transformer testing, inspection of electrical installations works for new erection or addition & alterations works etc.

Fire Certificate Renewal

For buildings required to apply and obtain Fire Certificate (FC) as per Fire Safety Act 1993 requirement, the owner is required to engage a Professional Engineer (Mech) to carry out the inspection of fire protection systems and endorsement of documentation for the application/renewal. Some of the systems typically required to be inspected include sprinkler systems, automatic fire alarm systems, rising mains, emergency voice communications systems etc. EWC is familiar with SCDF’s requirements and has assisted many buildings in application as well as yearly renewal of the FC.